Dying To Live Terminally ill patients breaking the taboo
surrounding euthanasia and palliative sedation.
Foul Play Three courageous athletes break the latest taboo in sport:
An epidemic of sexually transgressive behaviour
that damages young people and champions for life.
Face Off How top surgeons prepared and preformed
the first complete face transplant in Belgium.
Pro Deo A unique insight into our justice system
through the eyes of last-chance lawyers.
Giving It All You've Got Two years on the road with Triggerfinger,
the grooviest rock band in Belgium and The Netherlands.
The Unwanted Inheritance The courage and strength of people
living with a ticking time bomb inside them:
Huntington's disease.
The Real Father
Of The Pill
How a Flemish gynaecologist
developed the first usable contraceptive pill
in the greatest secrecy.
Monsters & Mercy TBS lawyer Job Knoester fights for
the human behind the perpetrator of horrific violence.
He challenges what we think we know about madness and evil.
Tell Me An intimate portrait of
singer-songwriter Frank Boeijen.
Humor Horror Horowitz Prolific author, screenwriter and murder expert Anthony Horowitz
provides full access to his heart and mind.

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